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  • the booti material is free of chlorine halons and cfcs! more infos ...


    The booti material is free of chlorine, halons and CFC. The material is unreactive, non toxic, anti-static, unbreakable and recyclebar. It is 100% recyclability and the combustion is free of polluntants. The booti material production is waterless and without any danger to the enviroment. The booti material is: food grade: 2002/72/EC and Coneg-Norm (USA)

  • how long does booti last?


    booti has been around for many years! We are unaware of any boot shaper prone to failure! Should the tension decrease, just roll the individual shapers in the opposite direction.

  • does booti attract lint?


    No, booti has undergone anti-static treatment, it is unbreakable and resistant to water, oil and grease, and free of chlorine and halogens.

  • is booti patented?


    Yes, booti is patented or has patents pending in approx. 30 countries including the USA.

  • can the tension force of the booti be individually adjusted?+

    Yes, through an additional booti disk you can for instance double the tension force.

  • the story behind booti.


    As is so often the case, the original impulse for this product arose from a familiar situation. What is a woman to do with boots that lose their shape, and either become pressed flat or start developing folds and creases and then lie about underfoot everywhere and clutter up the corners? That was the very apparent problem of a female friend of ours from Los Angeles, who came to live with us for several months, bringing with her around 15 pairs of boots made of everything from suede to patent leather. After a few unsuccessful attempts to restore order, it suddenly hit me that everything wouldn’t look so chaotic if one could just get the boots to simply stand up straight. This is what triggered the idea of designing a flexible boot tree that would also be useful for travelers.

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